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Beste keuze Borders (Paperback) by Jacobsen Roy YnRHtOaE

  • Model: YnRHtOaE
  • 1978 aantal op voorraad


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Robert Junior never knew the father he was named for an American G.I. who was captured during the Battle of the Bulge and fell briefly into the arms of a Belgian nurse. Growing up with his mother in the lush forests of the Ardennes Robert turns for guidance to his godfather Markus Hebel a Belgian who served in the German army in Russia. Breaking the silence around his painful past Markus speaks of the consequences and madness of war - of the son he lost at Stalingrad and the courage of the men who tried to free the trapped German soldiers with a desperate charge across the frozen steppe. In so doing Markus reveals a secret he has kept since the war and a doubt that has gnawed at him for twenty years. Did he a lowly radio operator waste a chance to save an entire army from annihilation?