Valuta : 
War is coming secrets multiply and betrayal waits in the wings...The Empire's ruling family must be vigilant as the conspiracy against them deepens. Having discovered her father's assassin Adare flees the Dawn Palace in search of allies. But few trust her until she seems marked by the people's goddess in an ordeal of flame. As Adare struggles to unite Annur unrest breeds rival armies - then barbarian hordes threaten to invade. And unknown to Adare her brother Valyn has fallen in with forces mustering at the empire's borders. The terrible choices facing each of them could make war between them inevitable. Fighting his own battles is their brother Kaden rightful heir to the throne who has infiltrated the Annurian capital with two strange companions. While imperial forces prepare to defend a far distant front Kaden's actions could save the empire or destroy it. Book One The Emperor's Blades was on the list of's most-anticipated SF/F reads for 2014 and also on the Fantasy Faction blog for most anticipated fantasy for 2014.