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Kwaliteit en kwantiteit Lost Voices Of The Nile Everyday Life by Booth Charlotte 0YN1ivG6

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When we think of ancient Egypt we think of the gods the pharaohs and the pyramids. However life for the average Egyptian was very different from this glorious perception and was not so unrecognisable from the lives we live today. This book tells the history of the ordinary population of ancient Egypt using the stories of real people - often strange at times amusing and ultimately very recognisable. Booth introduces us to a number of fascinating people including Taimhotep who married a man twice her age and turned to the god Imhotep to help her to conceive a son; Naunakhte who disinherited her children for neglecting her in her old age; Kenhirkhopshef a man seemingly obsessed with making lists; and Paneb the 'bad boy' of Deir el-Medina. History is made up of people and personalities and each of these characters has a story to tell.