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The Notes from the Universe are already inspiring over 700000 people across the world daily. Now best-selling author Mike Dooley shares his wildly popular messages in combination with beautiful artwork in a colouring book for adults. In his fun warm and down-to-earth style Mike combines uplifting quotes with beautiful images which awaken our inner child and transport us to a world where everything is possible. This is not your ordinary colouring book for adults - it is a unique tool that brings us into our gentle inner world and reminds us that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams. Comforting inspiring uplifting encouraging - this colouring book will do more than awaken your creativity it will give you the confidence to take life into your own hands and will give you the loving encouraging boost you need to set you on the path to making your dreams come true. Create a happier more fulfilling and more joyful life through the simple pleasure of colouring