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Zeer comfortabel Robin Wood's Cores Recycled (Paperback) by The Center For Art In Wood m308M4Ds

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Initially they were the waste product of wooden bowls turned in an ancient technique by Robin Wood of the United Kingdom an expert pole-lathe turner and author. Known for his historical and functional objects made on a foot-powered lathe Wood keeps the tradition of pole turning alive. The leg-powered process Wood uses results in thousands of solid round chunks -- Cores -- that get broken out of the centre of the bowl at the last moment. Wood donated 100 Cores which ranged in size from 50 x 50mm to 75 x 100mm to The Center for Art in Wood in Philadelphia. The Center sent Cores to two-score artists who agreed to the challenge of reworking them into new pieces of art. These works shown here in over 240 colour photographs formed the exhibition -- Robin Woods CORES Recycled -- by The Center for Art in Wood.