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comfortabel Ethics & Values In Industrialorganizatio by Lefkowitz Joel HSKzm74l

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Ethics and Values in Industrial-Organizational Psychology was one of the first books to integrate work from moral philosophy moral psychology I-O psychology and political and social economy as well as business. It incorporates these perspectives into a 'framework for taking moral action' and presents a practical model for ethical decision making. The second edition has added a chapter on Virtue Theory including its application in I-O Organizational behavior (OB) and business; expands Moral Psychology to two chapters with more attention to moral emotions effects of the 'dark side' of personality and the intuitionist model of moral judgment; expands the sections on social and economic justice; and expands the treatment of the Responsible Conduct of Research with a new chapter on Research Integrity. Examples from I-O research and practice as well as current business events are offered throughout. It is ideal for ethics and I-O courses at the graduate level.